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A little bit of history

The first train set off in 1867, It was the lead line built to serve the smelt works in the Langley Woods

– a considerable employer in its time.


When the line was built an unusual bridge was constructed: the flue bridge, which still stands as a glorious arch, renovated by English Heritage and is East of The Garden Station’s main Woodland Garden. The flue itself runs over a mile up the fields to reach the 100-foot Stublick Chimney on the top of the hill.

On 1st March 1869 the first passenger train ran from Hexham to Allendale. The ‘Hexham Courant’ of the time reports that, "the journey was a pleasant one, the weather being extremely fine, old Sol shining in all his refulgence. The inhabitants of the district testified their joy at the auspicious event in a befitting manner...[and at Langley Station] the rejoicings were very demonstrative. Cheer after cheer was heartily given,

and the Langley Band struck up a most enlivening air."

For 61 years the passenger service continued. It made a profit on a Tuesday, when it transports livestock between the villages and the market in Hexham, where Tuesday is still market day. At other times, barely a handful of tickets were sold, and the proposed continuation of the line to Allenheads never happened.

No-one caught the last train in 1950. It was the largest ever to run on the line, and it was collecting the paraphernalia of the goods and parcels service which had continued after the passenger service had stopped (apart from occasional excursion trains).

The ticket office doubled as the village post office, and this continued until 2000.

The last person to run the Post Office from Langley Station was Jane Torday.

Fortunately the buildings have remained, as they had been built to last.

The Garden Station was created in 2000 with gardening talks & courses by Jane Torday,

Mike Winstanley took over in 2008 with artisan bread making & a family wedding

Jill & Terry Gregg & family have been developing the Garden Station since 2012

with weddings, family celebrations, workshops and retreats.

next year is 25 years of The Garden Station - what will happen then ...

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