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The Garden Station




NE47 5LA

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phone: 01434 684391

E-MAIL: welcome@thegardenstation.co.uk

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The Garden

A most unusual garden with character and atmosphere.
The Garden Station is a place to enjoy beauty and tranquility.

The Garden and Woodland walks are open every day, unless closed for a private event.


we are a dog friendly garden and cafe, we ask that you keep your dog on a lead and pick up after them if required.


Originally a country railway station on a line running through the Langley woods, the beautiful garden here is a very unusual and unexpected one, framed by magnificent Victorian stonework and sheltered by the woodland surrounding it.

People from all over love this gentle and peaceful place.


Woodland Walk

The Woodland Walk was created in 2003 along the old track between two arched bridges. Now it is bordered by plants which thrive in woodland conditions, including varieties of primula, erythronium,  hosta, hellebore, arum italicum pictum, tiarella, heuchera, euphorbia, foxgloves and many foliage plants including hostas and ferns.


We have some wonderful artworks in the Garden, there are Pieces by William Pym, Sophie Thompson and Dennis Kilgallon, see what you can find!


The Old Station

The Garden Station is a unique place which combines the history of railways past with the pleasures of gardens present. For such a humble country railway station (1867), the wooden building is a particularly pretty one, painted green.

Hardy geranium