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Retreat: Francis of Assisi

September 1st to September 8th

September 8th to September 15th

4 days of workshops where we will focus upon the following:

•Male and Female Energy aligned within us in order to
experience wholeness.
Linking into the energy of the Saints & Ascended Masters such as St. Francis, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Sekhmet amongst others, through the universal slipstream.

•Awareness and tools for the 12 chakra system and additional centre’s as well as gentle and fun integration
Through free flow chakra movement, laughter yoga amongst others.

•Meditation and Shamanic Journeys as we transcend and gain ancient wisdom from our ancestors.

•Enjoy drums, bells, and chants, plus various other frequency tools in group camaraderie as we all thrive together in love, light and laughter.

•Tracy is the founder of the CRIBS Technique and a professional speaker, with a unique play like experience title ‘We are not our story” sharing tools she used during her own journey.

•Tracy works 1-1 and holds day Workshops around the UK to assist as many people as she can, to lift themselves out of the shadows and into the light.

£450 in total

For more information please call 07-506-772-852 or email

Looking forward to beginning this journey with you.







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